Wood is very important when it comes to building and construction, we can’t do without it. We use wood for furniture, scaffolding, garden deco/ design, domestic /commercial structure and more.

Different types of wood can be used for different things, depending on its strength, flexibility, durability and sometimes cost ( cost should always be the last thing to consider). We also have MDF wood that looks like and feels like real wood but it’s a mixture of wood dust and chemical. MDF is quit easy to work with and also give  good finish when its used to build bespoke cupboards, shaves, drawers and boxing up pipes however its not water friendly      



There are different types of doors with different specifications. The higher the specification the higher the cost. Most cheap doors are made out of MDF and some fire doors which are quite expensive are made out of MDF.  

Fire doors are usually heavy and cost more to hang compared to a basic door. There are also doors made out of hard wood which is also expensive and most times heavy. Not all doors made of hard wood are fire doors.


Common jobs on doors

·     Re hang old doors 

·     Fit new door frame and hang new doors

·     Chang locks on doors 

·     Replace old cheap hollow doors for new fire doors



Wood and laminate flooring


Wood flooring has different types, with different quality. Some wood floors are 100% wood while others like the engineered wood flooring are not 100% wood, they are a mixture of wood and other materials. 

Laminate flooring is basically MDF that has a nice finish. Its durable to an extent as long as its maintained properly and as long as you avoid a build up of moisture (moisture/water is the number one cause of damage to laminate flooring).


Common jobs on wood and laminate flooring

·     Replacing wood/laminate flooring

·     Installing beading to edges of previously laid flooring 



Bespoke furniture 


Building a made-to-measure furniture whether its cupboards, drawers, fitted storage units, customised reading table in confined spaces requires a great deal of detail to bring it to life. This bespoke furniture can be built in two ways; one way using MDF and the other using real wood. 

If built with MDF it needs to be painted, but if built with real wood it can be painted, varnished or stained.


Common jobs of bespoke furniture

·     Building customised storage units

·     Building fitted cupboards with drawers and hanging rails

·     Building customised reading table with drawers

·     Building under stairs cupboard with doors and drawers

·     Building shelves



External wood works 

External wood works involves construction of decking with stairs and handrails, building of sheds, fencing and more.




These are the starting prices excluding cost of materials:


Hanging normal door £ 75

Hanging fire door £ 100

Hanging external door £ 150

Fitting door frame 150

Laying wood flooring per sq meter £ 50

Laying laminate flooring per sq meter £25

Building bespoke furniture £ 150

Construction of decking frame and laying decking £ 300

Building shed £500