Garage & Loft Conversion

Home renovation 

Home renovation involves a lot of planning and the skills of specialist tradesmen and funds. It is not ideal to rush a home renovation, if not done with care the overall project will look unprofessional. 

For example, if an under floor drain pipe (linked to a bath panel or sink) is not connected properly, it would eventually leak and therefore cost money to have it fixed. This cost would all depend on the nature of damage done by the leak and what it would take to rectify the problem.

When renovating your home whether it is a loft extension or garage conversion it is very important to know that patience is key in every stage of the job. This is because things are not always the way they seem. There is most likely going to be moments where some tough decisions would have to be made to resolve an unexpected issue and this may take a little bit more time. This may then delay the whole renovation or cost more, or both. However, it is better to get it right the first time rather than getting to the end of the job and having to go back to fix whatever the issue may be.

Loft extensions require more planning compared to garage conversions. This is mainly because loft extensions are concerned with working from height and health and safety measures have to be in place to ensure that there are no fatal accidents during or after the job is complete. Nevertheless garage conversions still need health and safety/risk assessments on site to ensure there is a safe working environment for workers. 

Most clients live in the house during the period of building works. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure the environment is safe for the duration of the job. Other things to consider are daily start and closing times, noise pollution, air pollution and general safety to the wider public.