Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms can be the most important rooms in our homes, therefore getting the right design that suits your style is paramount for maximum value. 

After this initial design has been decided on, the next stage is getting the right contractor for the job with the price that is within your budget. Some clients do not mind spending well over their budget as long as they get their desired finish. 

This can be a great thing but it is also worth noting that the fact that a contractor has priced a job very high does not guarantee he is going to complete the job to it’s required standard. There are other factors that have to be checked, for example that the contractor is registered or how good his or her ratings are online.


Refitting bathrooms/ Kitchens 

This process involves taking out old bathroom/ kitchen accessories like toilet, sink, worktop, kitchen cabinet, bath or shower tray tiles and fitting new ones following a particular design. Judging from experience its easier to build a new bathroom than to renovate an old bathroom.