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Wallpapering feature walls

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Here are the procedures you can take when it comes to wallpapering your feature walls...

Tools you will need

Wallpaper hanging brush

Wallpaper past brush/roller

Sponge (for wiping wet glue that may find its way to the surface)

Cutting scissors

Cutting knife

Regular size bucket

Piece of wood (to mix wallpaper glue)


Wallpaper glue



Protect carpet;

Protecting the carpet is the first priority. This will save all the trouble of cleaning or of damaging the floor unexpectedly.

Strip wallpaper;

To do this you can use a wallpaper removal chemical or simply soapy water will also do the trick. Using any of these methods will ensure the stripping does not damage the wall.

(Before applying the removal chemical, multiple holes should be created on the wallpaper surface by a wallpaper scorer).

Begin scraping off old wallpaper gently, if some parts get dry or are difficult to remove apply some more of your chemical or soapy water.

Then do a last check to ensure that all wallpaper has been removed.

Hang new wallpaper;

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