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Painting Hallways, Stairs & Bannisters

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Here are the procedures you can take when it comes to painting your hallway, stairs and bannisters...

Tools you will need

Floor protection (we use corex)

Masking tape







Protect floors;

You only need to do this step if needed. In this case (picture to the left), the floor wasn't protected because carpets would be fitted afterwards.

Please note, some homeowners don't mind some splashes of paint on the floor but some do and for those that do they would require the base floor to be protected.

Protect items;

Door hinges, handles, locks, sockets and light fittings would need to be protected so paint does not get on them. If you are confident enough however, you can just paint around them.

Prep areas;

Fill/sand down walls, ceilings and woodworks (When using certain fillers, you may need to wait for up to a day for it to dry before sanding again).

Prime and Paint;

Prime before painting walls, ceilings and woodworks. When painting, the paint needs to blends evenly on the surface otherwise when it dries it will look bumpy and unprofessional.


This is the final step and requires going over your work when it looks finished. This is to ensure you haven't missed any other details that need doing.

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