Glossary of terms:

Client --

Individual – clients, 

Materials --  Items used for the work (consumables)

Tools       --  Items used for work (not consumable)

Staff       --  individual/s working for comeshandy 

Call out charge -- 

Quote      --  An accurate price for a job

Estimate – Variable price for a job subject to change 


Call out charges / Estimates / Quotes 

Our call out charges range between £10 to £25.  These charges also involve professional advice given, when needed, at no extra cost. There are instances, however, where we do not charge for call out simply because that job did not require more time to inspect/diagnose.


All our estimates are free of charge and they are majorly done over the phone, via text or email if details are sent over (no call out required here). Estimates are subject to change.

Once a call out has been performed and/or an estimate given, a quote will be produced and sent to the individual (e.g. via email).  The quote at this point is not subject to change. However, if the individual decides to change the services required then a revised quote will be provided to reflect this.  

Our quotes are considerably calculated to ensure we are offering the best price for the job. However, we cannot guarantee the cheapest price as the quality of our services can not be compromised on.

All of our quotes are itemised clearly (with corresponding cost) to ensure that the client understands how costs are distributed round all aspects of the job. Once a quote has been accepted by a client there is no guarantee that any changes can be made to the quote (upon request by the client). Also, once the job has been started and is in progress any requests to a change of quote will not be guaranteed.

For any disputes or misunderstandings regarding itemised costs/services, we are always happy to discuss this and to arrive at a fair agreement as to the next step forward.


Timing is very important to us and we respect both start and finish times of all our     jobs. However, sometimes, we may encounter some delays due to unavailable materials, job description changes or some circumstances beyond our control.

Work activities / Health and Safety 

During work activities, some areas may have restricted/no access to individuals outside of designated 'ComesHandy tradesmen'. This is because the environment could be unsafe. We will always make it clear if the environment is not going to be safe. 

If an individual enters a prohibited area unauthorised, we will not take responsibility for that individual, for example in the case of injury. 

If a client wants to inspect a job we are undertaking, they would need to seek permission from the site manager before gaining access.


For lower value ad-hoc jobs we require no upfront deposit or call out payment for the first visit. However, we may require a call out fee (see above) for any necessary subsequent visit. This would depend on either the nature of the job, circumstance of the visit or advice to be given. Examples of ad-hoc jobs could be identifying the source of a leak or finding an electrical fault. 

For bigger jobs that last more than two days we may require a deposit on the first or second day of the job. This is to reassure the client that the work has started before we take any payment. However, some of our clients prefer to pay part of the balance beforehand and that's entirely up to the client.

For jobs that include cost of materials we require upfront payment in order to purchase the materials.

Payment terms

Our payment schedules are normally one of two options:


Upfront of 50% on or before start of the job (to purchase materials and mobility of labour); 

40% when the job is 80% complete; 

and the last 10% when the job is completed.



Upfront of 25% on or before start of the job (to purchase materials and mobility of labour);

The subsequent payments will be broken down and requested by ComesHandy as the job progresses but will never exceed the total percentage of the job that is completed to date. This will always be communicated to the client.

In some rare circumstances we would require full payment before starting a job. We reserve the right to request full payment before starting a job in this case. This would depend on the type and location of job.



When a client accepts a quote and the job has been booked but later changes their mind, we will require a 48 hour notice period to be given. This applies to changes to dates or complete cancellations.

If after the 48 hour grace period we have not been informed of the intended change/cancellation there would be a charge of at least £50 depending on the job type.

If our team of qualified tradesmen have arrived on site and the job has commenced we would require £150 to compensate for time wasted and cost of travelling out if the job was subsequently cancelled.